New Football Pitch at The American International School

//New Football Pitch at The American International School

New Football Pitch at The American International School

OIG will soon be starting work on the new football pitch for TAISM. This is the second football ground the first one we completed in June 2001. “We are very excited to have won this contract.” said Anselmo Cudal, OIG’s divisional manager for Landscaping. “TAISM is one of Muscat’s largest international schools and this is a very prestigious project for us,” he added.

“We will start by removing the existing interlock tile paving to prepare the ground. It is very important when constructing a football pitch that the correct preparation work is carried out in advance to ensure that we finish with a completely level playing field.” said Anselmo.

The construction will require excavation and preparation with drainage, gravel and a Geotextile Terram cloth. Anselmo went on to say, ” This is business as usual for us, we have constructed many football pitches including: the PDO at RAHRC, Yibal and Fahud; and the ABA pitch at Al Al Khuwiar,. The preparation work will start as soon as possible and the grass planting using dethatched Bermuda grass shoots will start in July as this is the best time to plant grass in Oman. Contrary to popular belief grass grows best in the summer months”. OIG will also be installing an automatic irrigation system as part of the project.

For more information please call Anselmo Cudal or our Landscaping division on 800 76900 or email us [email protected].

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